Open Source Large Scale 3D Printer

Open Source Large Scale 3D Printer. okay, guys so I just published your workhorse XL files on Thingiverse, okay so this is basically a bigger version of the original workhorse the only things different is pretty much the size and the frame components okay the original workhorse is a modular machine so they can be scaled up or scaled down different sizes and configurations and you can add different parts and different components and it’s supposed to be a modular platform.

Open Source Large Scale 3D Printer

okay now the problem is once you get to a certain size and scale you begin to lose rigidity through the frame for those of you actually want to actually really make the print really big I redesigned the frame for more rigidity okay so this is it on thingiverse the workforce EXO okay so it has all the files all the models prints has a little video here on how we drew it up in 3D it’s open source you already want and change it up just just please give attribution okay.

so we have all the files on Thingiverse here we also have everything on the website I would actually go to the website first before video first because the website is gonna have more up-to-date versions of the models I don’t know how often I’ll actually update stuff on finger verse but it is on Thingiverse I would suggest just going to and it’s under workhorse XL and there’s a tab called Workhorse XL files so you get to assembly file and pretty much what you’re getting is we we have step files of the actual assembly.

so you’re gonna get the assembly step file then we have all of the individual components okay you get the frame components the gantry components electronics such as motor etc you get the bed and that’s pretty much it that’s pretty much all you need now I would like to say that there’s actually two versions of this okay so this is the basic workhorse XL previously we we call this the workhorse 600 Xtreme but we were putting ourselves in a box of the Printer you know.

I had a build area of 600 by 600 plus 600 millimeters well you know this is a modular machine so it can be scaled up and down so pretty much we’re changing the name to Workhorse XL so we have a version right here we actually redesigned for David short now what’s different about this is pretty much it has a 600 by 600 build area on the x and y and z was that goes 350 so it’s a shorter version okay this this has its benefits okay so you’re gonna think you need a very rigid system here we have all of the Workhorse XL files on the website you could download them we still have to add a few more stuff few more files if if there’s anything that we’re missing just just email me Shane at 3D.

I’ll make sure I get your information also got the information on your original Workhorse Printer okay pretty much goes over all the parts we now have a assembly manual yay the assembly menu I know it took it took us long enough but we had to Workhose printer assembly manual, everything is looking pretty good there’s a couple more things we have to add and change we’re still fine-tuning it as we go this is a work in progress we just published this printer in the last year we’re like the beginning this year.

actually we just started selling them in beginning this year so you know all of this takes time for a small team we can we do so much I wish we can go faster but this is this is where we’re at right now so this is the manual right here we have tons of videos on how to assemble the frame how this and move the gantry all about the lead screw about the duet Wi-Fi how to install to do that Wi-Fi and actually get connected to your router so we have all the information you need the manual still need still needs to be touched up a little bit but this is the manual so far.

let’s go to the website right here so this is all the information on the original Workhorse Printer ok so I’m gonna go to work horse XO we have a 3D rendering of it you got your building materials so I have a friend Tom leaf okay of leaf design and he’s building the XL right now and he’s one of the pioneers on this new machine that we designed and I mean remember guys this is just a bigger version of the original Workhorse Printer okay.

Workhorse Printer is a proven platform if you want it smaller we make it smaller you want it bigger and make it bigger if you want to add a pellet extruder you need a custom mount no problems you want to put a CNC spindle on it and actually do milling on it, no problem. If you want a tool changer we’ll put a tool changer on it for you. okay now Tom leaf is writing a blog this is his wordpress right here so here’s the address right here.

I’ll post a link but so here’s one of the ones pioneering this is his progress so far he has the frame he he made some changes so he actually made a base down so instead of putting the workforce XL on a table he actually made a frame actually lift up above the ground so he doesn’t need a table right and this is the stuff he went through this is what looks like currently these are the extruders that he’s using right here so I would definitely recommend reading his blog and remember.

here’s a link right here and he’s got some really good stuff we also so he also made a smaller version of the Workhorse XL. We designed this for David shorty of shorty design we met home at MRRF 2018 you might of seen him, he’s being a featured on 3D Printing Nerd and Tom 3D he made a video about him and 3Dprofessor has a video of him anyways David story 3D Prints all kinds of wearables and stuff like that ok so we made a smaller version for David Shorty now David Shorty may seem.

he’s been featured on its return channel Tom 3D3 professor basically we met up with David Shorty at MRRF 2018 and he was very interested he needed a bigger platform for his for his project he’s working on so this is this is the machine we designed for him and I mean all it is is Workhorse XL basic, based platform with shorter extrusions so you’re so you’re our vertical extrusions are shorter okay so you have these so these extrusions right here is the only thing that’s different.

okay and that’s just because he didn’t need the Z-axis travel okay all this stuff’s actually pretty short basically what he wanted to do was print a lot of small things at one time another reason why he’s like the printer was because basically the bed is fixed okay now that is huge when you’re trying to mount stuff to the bed all kinds of fixtures you know and you look at his projects the way his process of actually 3D Printing and making the stuff.

he needs a fixed bed so this is what we came up for him and we’ll see we’ll see where that takes him, now okay so future things for the Workhorse XL so well currently working on is we’re gonna put some gussets in the corners of the frame right here so we can increase the work speed when we start working on the gussets for the frame one thing I want to do is there’s a YouTube channel called MakersMic okay so Mike Fischer he has a really cool cool core XY machine that he designed and build.

I really like I really like the gussets he came up with corner brackets okay so if you get a chance check out MakersMic, MakersMic has a really cool core XY machine that he designed and I really like the corner brackets that he used right here it will probably do something like that right you don’t mind man we’re gonna steal your idea another corner bracket I really like your design don’t worry were this will be giving you the attribution right now but anyways wait for us to load up so yeah so Mike Fisher came up with these gussets it’s right here you know nothing special.

I just really like that I think something like that would look really cool on the Workhorse and we’ll probably do something like that Mike if you don’t mind we’re gonna kind of copy there this is me giving you attribution right now, but, anyway, so definitely, watch the MakerMic’s YouTube channel this guy’s hilarious well this guy another guy that you want to watch also is Kuntry 3D we met this guy at MRRF he does a lot of live streaming and he has a 3D Printing core XY that he built.

I think its a hypercube and it’s pretty neat the whole frame is 3D Printed they’re using aluminum Extrusions he has 3D Printed Extrusions but definitely check out Kuntry 3D and check out MakersMic both really good channels and yeah but just got MRRF and really cool guy, but that’s it if you’re interested in the Workhorse XL to download the files, keep up to date on the website and also also we’ve made a forum to, so definitely if you’re interested in the Workhorse Printer or the XL version become a member of 3DDistributed and just stay up-to-date on us, and catch you later.

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