HP OfficeJet Pro 9013 All in One Printer [Review]

HP OfficeJet Pro 9013 All in One Printer [Review]. Hi everyone! Welcome to a new post. Today, I will tell you what I think you should know about the HP OfficeJet Pro 9013all-in-one printer The 9013 is part of the OfficeJet Pro 9010 series that HP launched during 2019 and includes several other models Here is the power button These are the power & wireless network indicators Next to them is a tilting”2.7 CGD capacitive touchscreen that controls the printer and works flawlessly.

HP OfficeJet Pro 9013

This printer is a bit bigger & more expensive than the OfficeJet Pro 8023 that I recently reviewed as well but in return,the 9013 offers faster performance plus several other features such as this USB port Once you connect a USB flash drive to the printer it will allow you to print photos from the flash drive and scan files to it The 9013 can print up to 32 pages per minute both in black & white and in color In a maximum resolution of 1200 * 1200 rendered dpi I mostly print on A4 paper and so far the results looks great.

As a copy machine, the 9013 can copy up to 32 copies per minute in black and up to 15 copies per minute in color in a resolution of up to 600 dpi The 9013 offers a 2-side ADF scanner and a flatbed scanner The scanner’s maximum resolution is 1200 * 1200 dpi It can scan up to 8 * A4 pages per minutein a resolution of 200 PPI (pixels per inch) both in black & whiteand in color Let’s open the paper tray I would like to emphasize that the 9013can print on different types & size of media The paper tray’s maximum capacity is250 sheets, 30 envelopes or 50 cards The output tray can hold up to 60 sheets and the auto document feeder’s maximum capacity is up to 35 sheets Here is what comes along with the printer Several documents including a setup poster and a reference guide.

A power cord that goes into the back of the printer And 4 setup ink cartridges Model 963 Black should provide up to approximately 1,000 pages And model 963XL Black should provide up to approximately 2,000 pages The 963 Color ink cartridges will provide up to approximately 700 pages While the 963XL Color ink cartridges will provide up to approximately 1,600 pages Now I would like to show you the printer in action You’re about to see me set up the printer for the first time Let’s define the menu’s language There many languages to choose from Next, we should define the location Now its time to install the ink cartridges The printer offers short,friendly & useful video tutorials that will guide you what to do Make sure to place paper sheets in the paper trayto print a test page and align the printhead.

It’s ready… Let’s place the alignment page in the flatbed scanner and scan it to complete the process Now the printer is ready for use But we need to connect it to the Wi-Fi network This time I will set up the printer with my smartphone using the HP Smart APP Please note that in my previous video about the HP OfficeJet Pro 8023 you can see how I’ve set the printer using my computer Setting up the printer using the HP Smart app is fast and easy and I encourage you to try it yourself That’s it!

The printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network and you can tell that since the blue Wi-Fi indicator is fixed it’s extremely convenient to use the printer with the app that offers many features some of them are more useful than the others You can print & scan files to & from your smartphone or tablet Check the ink level and much more Now I would like to go over the menus of each feature This is the main menu its informative,the navigation is easy and each feature has its own category and sub-menus At the top of the display is hiding another menu let’s call it the “TOP Menu” that offers info regarding the WiFi network the ink level upcoming jobs various settings of the printer,and much more.

Once again, this printer offers so many features some of them will appear in several places so it is very intuitive to find the desired feature,setting or detail that you look for “Smart Tasks” allows you to create one-touch shortcuts for printing, emailing, and saving documents Earlier in this video, I went over the “Copy Menu”and told you about the scanner so now you can see the additional features in the “Scan Menu”.

Usually, I define the scanning setting from my computer using the HP Smart software “Photo Menu” is almost identical to the “USB Menu” that becomes available when connecting an external flash drive as I demonstrated earlier in this video The 9013 offers a fax machine with every fax feature that you can think of but honestly,I don’t think I will use it too much anytime soon And last is the “Apps Menu”that offers several useful apps, including synchronizing the printer with Dropbox & Google Drive printing various quick forms and printing information straight from your Google calendar These are the same apps I showed in my review of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8023.

The last 9013 featureI would like to demonstrate is how it works with smart assistants,such as Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant It’s a relatively limited feature,but it has a lot of potential So I guess over time it will get better and more useful… In this video, I will demonstrate how it works with the 1st generation Google Home Mini. You can ask me to scan, make copies,print coloring pages, games and more To get started you can ask me to print a help page What can I do for you today? Hey Google,ask HP Printer to print a help page I have sent a 1-page help summary to your printer You can find the scanned document in the full review on my website www.OriginalVideoReviews.com OK Google, as HP Printer to print comics.

I have sent a page of comics to your printer Well boys and girls This was my video review of the OfficeJet Pro 9013 All-in-One printer To summarize things, I think this is a great printer for home & business use It offers slight improvements compared to the previous generation of HP printers such the OfficeJet Pro 8720that I reviewed back in 2016 And offers additional features compared to the slightly cheaper OfficeJet Pro 8023 Such as faster performance,the 2-side automatic scanning and this USB port For further information about this printer please check the video’s description and the full review on my websitewww.OriginalVideoReviews.com If you still have any questions bout this printer Please comment on this video and I will do my best to help you with that If this video was helpful and you enjoyed watching it I invite you to give it a “Like” You should also subscribe to my YouTube channels follow me on the other social networks and also check my websitewww.OriginalVideoReviews.com I would like to thank you for watching another great video by“Original Video Reviews” Until next time Bye bye… Thanks for watching a video by”Original Video Reviews”

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