How to get money on 3D Printing business

How to get money on 3D Printing business. Hi Guys. Today I will tell you about 10 ideas on how to make money with your 3D printer. Itwill be a dry content video, containing only useful information and facts so I recommend you to watch it till the end. Let’s get started. Custom vehicle models.

How to get money on 3D Printing business

There are a lot of vehicle collectors who search for new unique models for their collection,also there are a lot of people who want to gift someone with an individually designed car or plane model, for example. It’s a high margin product and service.You need to practice in 3D modeling and 3D printing for a while before starting this business, but results may be incredible.

Your main point is to learn how to prepare a 3Dmodel for printing and how to process a final result to receive a great looking product.You can sell your work online and offline. Cosplay masks and parts Cosplay is a very narrow niche for a specialgroup of people who are fond of cosplay costumes and attributes. That means that it’s a high margin. Like in a previous idea, the main point isto make product finish looking perfectly and attractive.

There are a lot of aliexpress cosplay masks, so your point is to make it better looking and to give it unique design. A good idea is to use some electronics to make a modelmore interesting. You can find clients on Instagram, etsy, eBay and cosplay contests. The last one is perfect one. Also if you are a cosplay fan – youcan take part in discussions on cosplay forums and chats and finally find new clients! Plastic parts analog for cars, 3d printers, or anything elseIt’s a very good niche if you’re good at 3d modeling and want to make some money.

There are some expensive car parts you can make 3d printed analogues for and sell iton ebay. Also you can make parts for old cars meaning that original parts are out of stock for now. You can make different parts for 3d printers and sell it online market. Here’s a great example how it may look like Custom pieces of interior A great thing in making custom interior items that you can take a feedback from your buyers and make a greater model in a very short time. Model prototyping on 3D printer may save you thousands of dollars (comparing to injection molding).

You can sell your product on Amazon or eBay. Re-prototyping depending on buyers comments will help you to make your product very popular. 3D scanning and printing a very interesting niche. Maybe you have seen a 3D scanner model on Thingiverse. It takes about $30 to print it, but then you may provide 3d scanning and printing services. I’ve used it to scan artist’s clay models and to clone them for selling. All you need isa good camera and Autodesk Recap Photo. People have some special needs in 3D printing and it’s hard to buy a premade solution. This business needs a lot of experience from you creating 3D printers, so you must exercise for a while. Plastic recycling 3D printing produces a lot of waste during work.

A lot of people collect this plastic waste and don’t know where to put it, sothey are ready to give it for recycling for free.You can buy a filament recycling machine (it costs around $1500 and higher), produce recycled filament and sell it! You can make online courses, webinars, or consult people and companies individually. Although you can make YouTubecourses on 3D printing, make your contributions to community and earn money.

3D printing and models creating You can make your own studio that provides services of 3D printing and 3D modeling. It requires to have a lot of expensive equipment,but it may help you to grow fast. Earn money from YouTube video timelapsesYou can make time lapses of your prints and upload these videos to youtube. Usually these videos are very beautiful and attractive, so they involve thousands of people watching it. (there are a lot of videos how to do it on youtube).

Also, you must set up a great light and background and finally find or make a good looking 3Dmodel. A great example of such a channel is WildRoseBuilds. We use their footage in our videos sometimes. Thank you guys for watching this video. You can ask your questions in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this post, and hit the notification bell to stay tuned with the last updates from us. And have a good day!

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